Carmelo Anthony
Position Forward
Height 6'8"
Weight 217 lbs.
Birthday May 29, 1984
College Syracuse University '06
High School Oak Hill Academy (Va.) '02
Hometown Baltiore, Maryland

Carmelo Anthony's game is reminiscent of the prolific scoring small forwards of the 80s - Bernard King, Adrian Dantley, Alex English. He can score from anywhere on the court, rebound like a power forward and consistently get to the free throw line. Shoulders the load of being the leader on offense without being selfishPart of the best threesome at the top of an NBA draft in perhaps two decades, Carmelo Anthony is the kind of impact player that can turn at team's fortunes around. He's an electrifying player who is smooth with the ball and strength beyond his years that should allow him to hold his own in the NBA. It had been along time since glory had been felt in Syracuse until Carmelo came along, and the same can be said for his new team, the Denver Nuggets, who expect big things.


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