Son of Mary Anthony, has one older brother, Robert (27), and one older sister, Michelle (28).Favorite sport other than basketball is football.States he has patterned his game after Tracy McGrady.Lists Michael Lloyd as the toughest player he has ever faced.Lists the White House as the most interesting place he has ever visited.Enjoys watching movies and playing video games when he's away from the court.Carmelo Anthony. Melo was born in New York. His life was a continuous struggle. First getting out from the bad environment and then concentrating on his career and future took a tool on Carmelo. But he was determined to make his own destiny. He didn't looked back and rose to stardom in 2002 when he led Syracuse to National Title. He attended Towson Catholic (Towson, MD), Oak Hill Academy (Mouth of Wilson, VA) during High school. It was here that he developed his raw talent. He was dominant from the beginning in basketball. Carmelo playing in college here is what he did on the way to championship. This wondrous 6-8 freshman small forward, from his 27-point Division I debut at New Yorka's Madison Square Garden to his 5-for-5 long-range perfection at Michigan State to his 33-point destruction of Texas in the national semifinals and, finally, to the 20-point, 10-rebound, seven-assist masterwork Monday night against Kansas that helped secure Syracuse's first national championship. Isn't that amazing. I can still see him dunking over Kansas player and shooting the jumpers. Also you have not seen is his gift for comedy, which, in a basketball context, was reserved for members of the Syracuse family and used to keep a young team from remembering its youth. Anthony played the college game better than any freshman in NCAA basketball. Ever. He was the third to be named Most Outstanding Player at the Final Four but the first to function as the dominant member of a championship team since freshmen regained eligibility in 1972. He joined McNamara in one of the youngest starting lineups ever for a champion, with a combined 10 years college experience. Anthony's season of freshman-orientation heroics eclipsed those of DePaul's Mark Aguirre, Oklahoma's Wayman Tisdale and LSU's Chris Jackson. Anthony did not average as many points as Jackson or grab as many rebounds as Tisdale. His excellence was not acknowledged as readily. Instead, he ended his first college season with something none of them could manage. He made this his team, and he made it the nation's best team. In Syracuse's semifinal victory over Texas, the Longhorns tried to help 6-4 Royal Ivey double-team Anthony, and Anthony still logged 33 points and 14 rebounds. He scored not just because of his superior size and skill but an intelligence that put him in the proper position to make plays

Son of Mary Anthony, has one older brother, Robert (27),

and one older sister, Michelle (28)

Favorite sport other than basketball is football..

 Melo was born in New York.

He was determined to make his own destiny.

Debut at New Yorka's Madison Square Garden.


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